Faeries are about 7" high (exclusive of decoration), and are available in an almost infinite variety of colors and themes. No two Faeries are exactly alike! They're very versatile, and can be displayed just about anywhere. Some folks even think our Faeries have special powers! We've been told that a Faerie placed near a child's bed will keep away bad dreams, that they are wonderful at keeping every deep secret you whisper to them, and they even make a dark bathroom or closet a lot less scary! Faeries are a great way to cheer up someone who's feeling down, and they do wonders to brighten a hospital room. They also make great gift toppers.

Faerie Faerie
Faerie Faerie
Faerie Faerie

Please contact us with your comments and questions, and for ordering information. Send us a message: kelly@thedollmakers.com

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