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We are a mother and daughter team of dollmakers, working from our home/studio in rural Michigan since 1985. All of our dolls are created by just the two of us from our original designs. Weíre both involved in all phases of the production of our dolls. We donít have any studio employees or assistants - but if friends or family stop by, they may be put to work cutting fabric or stuffing doll parts!

Our dolls are fabric sculpture figures, decorative pieces that can be displayed anywhere and in any way that any piece of art is enjoyed. Hung on a wall, mounted in a doll stand on a mantel, or seated on an accent table or dresser, these decorative dolls have been collected in homes, businesses and vacation properties.


Weíre often asked how long it takes to create a doll. Itís impossible to answer, because we donít work on just one doll at a time. Instead, we do ďbatchesĒ of things. The studio is full of feet, arms, faerie patterns and fabric in various stages of cutting and sewing. The process is labor intensive, but itís a labor of love.

Our dolls are owned and collected across the United States and throughout the world, including Japan, Cyprus, Finland, Iceland, Scotland, Australia, France, England, Argentina, Egypt, Poland, Belgium and Mexico. One of our dolls is part of the Smithsonianís permanent collection. Another of our pieces, representing the sun, has been used by the national television show "CBS Sunday Morning" as a background for the show's logo. Some of our pieces also traveled around the country as part of a doll show called "In Celebration of the Doll: The Figure in Cloth" in 1995-96 and 1996-97.

We exhibit our work at street fairs and galleries around the country. Click here to see our current show schedule.Since we're always creating new designs and discontinuing others, we donít have a printed catalog. Our web site has the latest photo galleries of dolls. We're also happy to email photos of dolls we have available.

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Click on the picture below to see "Sugarbeet Bags", created exclusively by Gina Reif.
Gina is the youngest daughter in the dollmaker family.


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